Whenever you climb an SPS peak, or other major Sierra summit, could you please let me know whether or not there was a register there, and how it was.
For that purpose, please answer as many of these questions as you like.
You can copy the following text, then click on one of the two e-mail links below, paste the text into the message, and edit it to answer the questions before sending (or just say it in your own words).

Thank you!
    1. Name of the peak (and location if the name is ambiguous)?

    2. Type of container ( cylinder, box, ammo box, tin can...) and the container's Condition? (full, needs repair,  ...)?

    3. Type of Register ( spiral, hardback, official SPS, ...)?

    4. Register Condition ( how full, damage, age...)?

    5. When were you there (date)?

    6. Comments ( need pencil, wrong summit, any problems ...)?

    7. Who are you?

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