Contact information for Harry Langenbacher for Sierra Peaks Summit Registers.

I will accept anonymous (or otherwise) information and/or materials (such as register books, register canisters/boxes/etc.), no questions asked - nobody will be told (I Don't Ask/I Don't Tell). Any summit registers and/or containers returned to me will be photographed/scanned and preferably returned to the proper summit, or sent to the Sierra Club archives in Bancroft Library, as appropriate. I AM NOT ASKING FOR ANYONE TO REMOVE ANY REGISTERS FROM SUMMITS!!! I am just trying to provide a way for anyone in possession of a register to get it returned to the summit from whence it came.

You can contact me anonymously at and I will provide a way for you to send stuff to my according to your instructions.


Click here to send Harry E-mail with your email program (not anonymous, but you can send attachments).

Or to send me text-only email anonymously (or otherwise), use to send me E-mail through your browser - to remain anonymous, just enter a fake email address in the box labeled "From (your email address)".

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